A God-centered, safe, and resilient Sultan Kudarate├▒os enjoying quality life to the fullest.


The Provincial government shall strive to:

  • Uplift the living condition of all sectors through reforms and service delivery guided by the Millennium Development Goals.
  • Promote appropriate agro-eco-tourism, communication, and transportation services for improved income and more productive interaction among the different sectors in the province.
  • Implement sustainable coastal marine resources and inland water management and development programs.
  • Respect, protect, and manage ancestral domains to ensure the cultural, economic, social, and political integrity of indigenous people.
  • Improve employment opportunities for all sectors through human resources development programs.
  • Pursue social equity through just land distribution and ownership programs both in urban and rural areas.
  • Empower people to participate actively and effectively in local governance.
  • Upscale development administration.
  • Mainstream Gender and Development in the Programs/Projects/Activities